Wednesday, November 21, 2007

That's what politicians do...

Two items to be thankful for this Thanksgiving (and some great conversation items over turkey):

1. Be thankful for the primary schedule, now finally ironed out:

Jan. 3 - IA (caucus)
Jan. 5 - WY (convention)
Jan. 8 - NH
Jan. 15- MI
Jan. 19- SC, NV (caucus)
Jan. 29- FL
Feb. 2 - ME (caucus)
Feb. 5 - Super Tuesday

Romney is leading or polling well in all six of the pre-florida states. Romney is now polling in second place in Florida...and you have to admit that five or six victories has to give the guy a bounce. Watch for a possible win in FLORIDA!

2. Be thankful that many voters will soon start to see it like Leon H. Wolf has (read full story here):

Speaking on the issue of abortion, Wolf writes:

"For a while, the Fred Thompson campaign gave me hope for someone who might be a little more solid on the issue, but looking at the polling right now leads me inescapably to the conclusion that Fred Thompson is toast. He's not polling any higher than third in any state right now, and Romney has even moved into second in the crucial state of Florida. I just don't know that Thompson has what it takes to get back up off the mat right now. And while I feel a lot better about supporting McCain than I did a year ago, I still just can't make myself trust him at all. I made it a special point to get on McCain's conference call last week so that I could hopefully get just that little assurance I needed to sway me into his camp - and in my estimation, he blew the question. Like I said, I could get behind McCain a lot more easily than I could at this point last year, but he still isn't my first choice. As for Huckabee? Well, let's just say that I lived in Arkansas while he was governor, and my state tax burden was higher than my federal tax burden. And also that I worked on Jim Holt's 2004 campaign. I hope that explains why I have never seriously considered voting for him."

"You know, I think one of the things about blogs and the internet is that it's made it a lot easier to go back and nitpick what people have said and that doesn't always do us a service. We're not always going to get a guy who's been a doctrinaire conservative from birth, although the internet has made it so that we expect that. And if it appears at times that Romney is a relentless triangulator - well, for Pete's sake, he's a freaking politician. That's what politicians do. And if the end result of their triangulation is that they pretty consistently come down where you are, then I guess it's time to be happy about that."

"In the end, if I had to choose between seeing Romney and Rudy standing, it wouldn't even be a close call. When I examine the field, I see only one candidate left standing with a reasonable shot of winning the White House who would govern as a conservative, and that candidate is Mitt Romney. So from now on, I'm tossing in with him, for better or worse."

Better late than never, Mr. Wolf! Welcome aboard.

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Anonymous said...

As for Giuliani...check out this distrubing youtube clip about his friendship with an accused child molestor: . Email this on if you're as creeped out as I was.