Thursday, November 8, 2007

Romney Winning in Supposedly Unwinnable South Carolina

Mitt Romney has accomplished something few thought possible: He's winning in South Carolina. Many had supposed Romney could never carry South Carolina, primarily because he is Mormon. But Romney is winning anyway. "I would say that if he didn't have the Mormon issue that he would be the clear front-runner and the race would be almost over," said Beltram, the Spartanburg County [South Carolina] GOP chairman. This quote comes from a recent CNN story highlighting Mitt Romney's dramatic rise in South Carolina.

The story contains an all-too-frequent flaw, implying that Mitt's rising popularity is due to his money rather than the way his message is resonating. But other than that the article is a good read. I was saddened to see, yet again, that blatant discrimination against Mormons is still politically correct in some circles. Can you imagine, for instance, if the state GOP chairman of Florida said something like, "Wow, if this candidate weren't black he'd already have this election in the bag." I'm sure the chairman was just stating the facts. But the fact that so many in South Carolina would base their entire vote on a candidate's religion is utterly ridiculous, especially when that religion happens to be a respectable faith like Mormonism. But I suppose this just shows how much growth we have ahead of us as a country. The growing pains are particularly hurtful to we Mormons, but if that's what it takes to move past the discrimination of the past 177 years then I guess that's reality.

But for now at least, people in South Carolina are taking Romney seriously. And that's a good thing, because if Romney captures Iowa and New Hampshire (both states looking pretty good at this point), then a victory or even a strong showing in South Carolina will propel him to the nomination. For the full text of CNN's article click here.


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