Friday, November 16, 2007

To Ron Paul Supporters

This was an email that I sent a friend who is a Ron Paul supporter, but who also is considering Romney:

Great to see you involved politically! I would love to see either Romney or Paul take our country in a new direction. I was glad to see that your endorsement included Romney. I hope that Paul, if not nominated, doesn't run as a third-party candidate. That could be Ross Perot all over again: with the similar result; a Clinton Presidency.

I really think that Romney would get our house back in order. Our national debt is very concerning. Our energy dependence is also frustrating. Time magazine had a fantastic article about the way Romney was able to find a solution to the Health care problem in Massachusetts. What he found, once he collected all the data, was that most of the uninsured in Mass, were not poor single women or minorities, but were in fact, middle-class single men! With that information, Romney was able to come up with a plan to get those guys insured and lower the price of health-care for everyone.

It is that kind of data-collecting and problem solving that I look forward to in a Romney presidency. Romney has a talent in that he can take a lot of data and find solutions to practical problems. And the war? I think that Romney will take a more Reagan-like approach to foreign relations; More show, and less go. But he can't talk about it right now. You know, speak softly but carry a big stick. I think that he would increase the military, but not use it. Bush, carried a big stick and used it! I think that he was right to do so...Saddam Hussein was a loose cannon in an unstable part of the world...and we DO rely on the middle east for oil. Was Iraq a scapegoat for the attacks of 911? Maybe, but now that terrorists know how the united states will react (or over-react) to a major terror attack...maybe they'll think twice? Anyway, I know that you might feel differently, but just keep in mind that I do not believe that a Romney presidency would be a continuation of a Bush presidency.

Oh and by the way....Go Utes!



bbartlog said...

Speaking as a Paul supporter, I appreciate the friendly outreach. While I don't agree with all of Romney's political positions, I do think he's the single most competent executive and manager running for President. I think he's got a good strategy for winning the nomination and I would be happy to see him demolish Huckabee and Giuliani, both of whom are inferior in many ways.
But I'm still going to vote for Ron Paul, myself.

Rob Alexander said...

Hi, Dave A. and Branden! I hope things have gone well for each of you since our 10-year high school reunion. Maybe I'll see you again at our 15-year reunion this year. :-)

I encourage you and your readers to check out the following sites that compare Mitt Romney and Ron Paul:

* Ron Paul biggest GOP fundraiser last quarter
* Ron Paul's Straw Poll Results
* GOP Candidates on Occupying Iraq
* Mitt Romney Goes All Alberto Gonzales on the Constitution
* Candidates on executive power: a full spectrum

I think that Mitt Romney has made it clear that he will continue to take a Bush-like approach to foreign policy and civil liberties. I will be voting for Ron Paul in the Republican presidential primary, and I encourage each of you to do the same.

- Rob

Anonymous said...

i could never support Romney because of his disregard of history, and his lack of respect for the constitutional, and by that I mean his supporting the undeclared war.

jcr said...

Romney is an empty suit. The man cares for nothing but his own ego, and has neither the intelligence nor the will to address any of the major problems we face: he is pro-war, he has no understanding of why we must abolish the federal reserve and the IRS, and his attitude towards medical marijuana patients shows a depraved indifference towards human suffering.

He may not be the very worst person the GOP could offer us, but he's somewhere below Richard Nixon on the decency scale in my book.

Anonymous said...





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