Saturday, October 20, 2007

Scout-O-Rama Trade: J.D. for Family Values?

Recently, a Politico article described Guliani's recent speech at the Family Research Council summit meeting. Guliani's attempt of a self-effacing speech was apologetic for his flaws. We are all human, and we all have flaws. It is unrealistic to expect a flawless president. However, America can expect to elect the best "human" for the office of President.

The article describes Guliani after the speech:

"The former mayor, who left the stage grinning amid applause after his 40-minute speech, went for an authenticity contrast with Romney, substituting his law and order credentials for the family values emphasis of Romney, a long-married father of five."

If having a solid family and impervious values is up to trade for a couple of court wins, what will be next? Anyone want to trade Romney's sense of duty and patriotism for Guliani's ability to conduct legal research?

Didn't think so.

-David McEntire