Monday, October 8, 2007

Mitt Rocked the Rally for Romney

The Mitt Rockers were proud to support Governor Romney at the Rally for Romney held in Salt Lake City Sept. 28, 2007. We had the support of David McEntire, David Alvord, Heidi Lebaron, and Allyse Sheppherd. Our team was able to raise thousands of dollars for the Romney campaign.

Mitt's speech was fantastic. He touched on many of the themes heard in his stump speech; strength for our economy, strength for our families, and strength of our military.

Also, he talked about a conversation he had with Neal A. Maxwell. During the conversation, Elder Maxwell asked Mitt if he thought that our country was about to encounter another "inflection point". What is an inflection point? Mitt asked. Elder Maxwell explained that an inflection point was a moment in history when the country changes its direction. In other words, an inflection point is a pivot point in policy and perspective. One example of an inflection point is when the US had its revolutionary war. For the first time in History the government was the servant of the people instead of the people the servant of the government.

Romney then went on to list several of the inflection points in History and made the remark that he believes that our country is at such a moment in regards to the war on terror and our fiscal responsibility. What remains to be seen is whether we will be able to rise to the occasion, or whether we will take a sharp left turn by electing Hillary Clinton.

Keep your ears open for Mitt to talk about these "inflection points" I have already heard this theme in other speeches.

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