Thursday, October 4, 2007

$62 Million!

Last quarter, Romney raised 10M...then add to that another 8.5M of his own money and Mitt has claim to 18.5M for the third quarter!

We here at Mitt Rocks believe this to be a wonderful success for the governor. There have been three quarters in a row of solid fund-raising! For Fred Thompson to have only raised 8M during his first quarter...and then for Romney to continue his impressive fundraising haul can only be seen as a sign that Mitt should be taken seriously!

So, that gives Romney a Total of 62M for the year...right at the heals of Senator Clinton 63M.;_ylt=AuTZv_rRmeNBgCfEI_shBx2yFz4D


Anonymous said...

Umm, 28% of that total has come from Willard's own pocket.

Anonymous said...

Umm, how much of Hillary's came from her PAC and senate fundraising efforts?
By the way, the "umm" is that you, Fred Thompson?