Saturday, October 20, 2007

Giuliani at the FRC...and some thought on abortion

by David Alvord

Giuliani showed little remorse for his liberal stances at the FRC conference.

He said that he was: “not always the best example of faith”

and then went on to say: “Isn’t it better that I tell you what I really believe instead of changing all my positions?”

No. I would rather you change your positions that are wrong. Instead of just being honest about the fact that you do not want to protect the unborn, I would rather you change your mind about that issue.

I would much rather you change all of your wrong positions than to openly and "honestly" promote evil. You see, change is not bad if you are changing from a bad policy to a good one!

What Giuliani was implying was that Romney is not saying what he "really believes" and that he is secretly pro-choice.

This, of course, is false!

Romney had always asserted that he was personally pro-life. Even when Romney was running for Governor, he maintained that he was personally pro-life. Check the record and you will find it's true. What Mitt promised was that he would not change the laws of Massachusetts in regards to abortion. And he did so because he knew that one would have a better chance of getting Texans to agree to communism than to take away the abortive "rights" from the people of Massachusetts. It just wasn't the will of the people to elect someone who would change the laws in regards to abortion. So Romney said, "OK, then what are some conservative goals that we actually could achieve for the State?"

What is most remarkable is to observe the conservative agenda that Romney pursued in spite of such a liberal climate. Is it not in our best interests to put the man into the white house who is so GOOD at dealing with the opposition?

Sorry Mayor, but your characterization of the Governor is false. It would be nice for you if Romney was a flipper, or worse, that he was hiding his true identity from the Republican party. The truth is that Romney is pro-life...and the only thing that may be secret is the fact that he has always been pro-life. He tells of his conversion story of when he realized he had to take a stand against abortion publicly...(and possibly lose his career in the process, I might add). Romney had always known that abortion was wrong, but at a pivotal moment, he realized just how wrong it was.

Let me ask one simple question: Is there any doubt that the Mayor, who is openly pro-choice would appoint pro-choice judges? I don't think that many people realize just how pro-choice Rudy is. He may lose the nomination over this...and yet Rudy is sticking to his guns. For a man to go against the will of the people, and then to go against the counsel of his church, and still swim upstream on this issue must make him ridiculously pro-choice.

I believe that Romney has always been pro-life...and that politically he has "come out of the closet". Just check his record as Governor and you will find that he had a pro-life agenda.

But for those who are still skeptical, let me ask just one last question: If it were down to these three (and there are many who believe it is...) who would be most likely to appoint conservative, pro-life judges? Is it Hillary Clinton? Is it Rudy Giuliani? or Is it Mitt Romney?

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