Wednesday, May 2, 2007

NEW POLL NUMBERS: Mitt with 27% increase in 1 month!

If you remember my post below "Chris Matthews is an Idiot - Boycott his show!", you will probably not be surprised that I am frustrated at MSNBC's selection of Matthews as tomorrow's debate moderator. Nevertheless, Mitt, along with the other Republicans, is showing good sportsmanship in agreeing to the debate arrangement (unlike the Democrats who boycotted Fox News).

You may also recall that the Chris Matthews consistently referred to an outlier poll to perpetuate the false notion that Mitt was at only 3% nationally. I showed that the polls averaged just under 8% for Mitt Romney in March.

Now let's look at the April numbers...

Please remember that ALL these polls INCLUDE Newt Gingrich AND Fred Thompson, neither of whom have announced that they will be running.

Results of latest primary polls (all took place in April, 2007):
NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll: 12%
American Research Group poll: 12%
CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll: 10%
Pew Research Center for the People & the Press survey: 8%
USA Today/Gallup Poll: 9%
Time Poll: 10%
FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll: 10%
ABC Poll: 9%
LA Times: 8%

Romney's Average for all of April: 9.8%
(This is a 27% increase from 7.7% last month)

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Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews is an idiot and I boycotted his show. But I'm watching the debate.