Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cash Cab? Insured? Mitt for Good Hands

Today, the Discover Channel's commercials created more questions than the answers given from watching Mythbusters.

The Discovery Channel advertised their special "Cash Cab" where New York taxicab passengers answer surprise questions by the cab driver.

Answering trivia is fun. Answering trivia while moving seems even more fun. And answering trivia in a cab with blinking lights, blaring soud, and for MONEY?...Sign me up!

However, the cab also has a VERY distracted driver asking the trivia questions. Yea, try earning a living, running a game show, and handing out money to screaming people--all while driving the crazy streets of New York. Safe?

Ironically, the next commercial was for Allstate Insurance. The commercial depicted various ways drivers become distracted. The Allstate commercial ended with "24" star, Dennis Haysbert (President Palmer, ironic title?) asking, "are you in good hands?"

Mitt has my vote becuase I know he has the ability to navigate through potential distractions in addressing what matters most for America today--family values, economic prosperity, and safeguarding our freedom.
-David McEntire

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