Monday, April 2, 2007

Chris Matthews is an Idiot - Boycott his show!

In announcing Mitt's amazing 23 Million-dollar (all primary money) record-breaking fundraising effort, Chris Matthews acted like a complete idiot. I had to write the following email to his show...

Chris Matthews,

What's your problem with Mitt Romney? Your blatant anti-Romneyism is appalling.

I can't even begin to cite all the instances where you displayed both ignorance and prejudice against Romney.

For starters, why don't you check out before you reference the 3% outlier poll? To make up for it, cite the 11% Time poll next time!

Results of latest primary polls (all took place in March, 2007):

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll: 8%
American Research Group poll: 7%
Associated Press-Ipsos poll: 8%
CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll: 9%
Pew Research Center for the People & the Press survey: 8%
USA Today/Gallup Poll: 3% (Margin of Error: +/-5%)!
Zogby America Poll: 9%
Time Poll: 11%
FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll: 6%

Romney's Average for all of March: 7.7%

Romney's average if you take out the top and bottom outliers: 7.9%

In your interview with Kevin Madden you were acting belligerent and ill-tempered. It's easy to tell that Romney's success makes you squeamish, and that being said, you might want to find a new job until he leaves office in 2016.

Email him yourself:


Anonymous said...

Yeah I e-mailed, glad someone catches unprofessionalism like that. I liked your bit on Glen Beck, didn't know he was a man of the cloth. I enjoyed his You Tube conversion story.

Pierce said...

Ha, are you kidding? Thank god someone in the country has the balls to call a spade a spade. Madden was humiliated, he had no idea what was coming.

I wish Matthews was there during the debate two nights ago-- when Mitt claimed that his ad didn't say "amnesty". Do you really believe, even for a second, that Romney didn't see that ad???? Isn't that the point of him saying "I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message"?

"I'm Mitt Romney, and I have no idea what this message says"