Monday, May 7, 2007

Romney, Clinton top NH polls

Take a good look...these are probably our two candidates.

A recent surveyUSA poll has Romney and Clinton with the lead in New Hamshire. Looks like they watched the debates last week. I wonder if the other Republicans will want to avoid future debates with Romney...
Romney 32%
Giuliani 23%
McCain 22%
Fred T. 11%
Clinton 40%
Hussein 24%
Edwards 22%


Anonymous said...

Looks like Willard will be our next President based on those numbers. Who will be his running mate, Tom Cruise or John Travolta? If L. Ron Hubbard were alive maybe he could be the Secretary of Defense.

David Alvord said...


Anonymous said...

You funny. . . ."Hussein". . .like you said, looks like Romney and Clinton are going to be the last two standing.