Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mitt Rocks debate party a huge success!

Last Tuesday night, the Mitt Rockers hosted a party to watch the Republican debates. We had great attendance, raised money, and signed up several people to Team Mitt. We found that we were one of almost 1000 parties nationwide.

Some of the conclusions that were reached:

1) Don't mess with Giuliani on 9/11...but you can mess with him on pretty much everything else.

2) McCain, as POTUS, will lead our country like a really powerful senator by "reaching across the aisle" to the other party. In other words, he won't really lead at all, but will give lots of speeches and take fun trips in Air Force One. But don't expect a Reagan-like leader who will take the case to the American people and destroy the democratic party for the next thirty years.

3) McCain is starting to quote Reagan, without giving credit: "Congress spends worse than a drunken sailor" etc...McCain IS Congress...and so is his buddy Kennedy.

4) Romney will lead like a Governor, McCain like a Senator, Rudy like a Mayor during a tragedy, and Thompson like a Ghost.

5) The McCain-Kennedy bill is worse than McCain-Feingold and that's bad!

6) Romney ran against Kennedy, McCain is running with Kennedy!

7) We can't wait for Romney to get his hands on Washington!

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Well said.