Monday, January 22, 2007

Mitt is Dominating in the Polls that Matter

GOP Bloggers is the largest GOP straw poll I am aware of--with over 13,500 votes in. Guess who is dominating the competition…

Romney: 27%
Giuliani: 20.1%
McCain: 4.2% (that’s NOT a typo)
Note: Newt Gingrich is an option on this poll and many took the opportunity to voice their approval of Newt. I have omitted his results from this entry as he is not generally considered a candidate at this point. Overall, Newt came in second, behind Romney, and in the states listed below, only Texas has him as the leader.

Key States:

Romney: 20.9%
Giuliani: 19%
McCain: 3.9% (again, NOT a typo!)
Note: I can’t believe how poorly McCain is doing in this poll. It just goes to show you how little support he has among informed, energetic, grassroots GOPers.

South Carolina:
Romney: 37.2%
Giuliani: 16.2%
McCain: 5.2%
Note: Wait, I thought Mitt would get ravaged by all the Evangelicals in SC? The numbers speak for themselves.

New Hampshire:
Romney: 38.8%
Giuliani: 14.6%
McCain: 1.9%
Note: Mitt is rampaging NH!

Other BIG States:

Romney: 33%
Giuliani: 21.2%
McCain: 2.7%
Note: Mark my words, Mitt will win the State of California in the GENERAL ELECTION! Won’t that be an accomplishment for a Republican? (If you doubt me, remember that Massachusetts is infinitely more liberal than California, and Mitt won the MA Governorship.)

Romney: 25.6%
Giuliani: 21%
McCain: 2.4%
Note: Like I noted above, this is one of the rare states where Mitt was not on top. Newt was by about 1 percentage point.

New York:
Giuliani 34.5%
Romney 20.4%
McCain: 7.3%
Note: Rudy’s home state. What did you expect?

Romney: 22.6%
Giuliani: 18.5%
McCain: 6.8%
Note: McCain is a bit higher here, probably because of a beltway effect. Shows that he has a touch of support in D.C., but, unfortunately for him, nowhere else.

Giuliani: 22%
Romney: 20.9%
McCain: 3.8%
Note: Hanging chads.

Other States of Interest:

Romney: 32.2%
Giuliani: 17%
McCain: 3.6%
Note: McCain’s home state. What did you expect? Oh, wait... if I were McCain, after seeing this, I would save myself a lot of wasted energy and drop out of the race now.

Romney: 40.7%
Giuliani: 18.3%
McCain: 3.7%
Note: We love Mitt! He did a fantastic job in Mass.

Romney: 77%
Giuliani: 7.3%
McCain: 2.1%
Note: Do you think Mitt just might be able to take Utah? Just to assuage your fears that the overall poll was skewed by the Utah numbers, of the 13,500 + votes, only 191 came from Utah.

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Yeah he'll take Cali if he gets Arnold for VP.