Sunday, July 22, 2007

Times poll shows Romney's Mormon problem is not so bad...

To Americans, Romney's religious convictions make him only slightly less favorable than a candidate who has once been a minister. Is that because all Mormon males ARE ministers? Yes, it's true that all worthy Mormon males are ordained to the perhaps Mitt's Mormon problem is really just a lack of faith in men of the cloth in general. The NYT times poll showed that 25% of Americans were less likely to vote for a candidate who was once a minister. So the Mormon "problem" is really just a 5% handicap.

So let's tally up all the scores for all of the leading candidates (the higher the score the less likely Americans will vote):

Mitt Romney : Mormon = 30 pts

Rudy Giuliani : extra marital affair (39)+ divorced (9) = 48 pts

Hillary Clinton: EMA (Bill) 39 + Long time washington politics 15 + woman 11 + Christian 5 =70 pts

Barack Hussein Obama: Used drugs in the past (45) + Smokes Cigarettes (18) + Black (4) = 67