Friday, July 27, 2007

Ron Paul Supporters - No Show in the Poll

I'm confused. Based on Internet traffic, YouTube video popularity, posting on blogs and articles, etc., it would seem that Ron Paul is a front-runner among the Republicans. The amount of ardent supporters Ron Paul has in his corner is truly amazing.

Now the confusing part: Based on this apparent high level of support, I would assume that RP would be doing well in the polls - at least in Iowa. But here is the latest Iowa poll:

Research 2000 Iowa Republican Primary

Romney - 25%
F Thompson - 14%
Giuliani - 13%
McCain - 10%
Gingrich - 6%
Huckabee - 2%
Thompson - 2%
Tancredo - 2%
Brownback - 2%
Hunter - 1%
Paul - 1%

So what is going on with Ron? Where are his supporters in this poll? I think Ron Paul is a nice guy, and means well, but he has absolutely NO chance to win the election, and as far as I'm concerned, time and money spent to further his cause is time and money that could be better spend furthering the cause of the most viable Republican candidate - Mitt Romney.

Survey was conducted July 23-25 of 400 likely Republican caucus-goers.

Full Poll Results can be found

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Anonymous said...

Mitt romney....what a joke see what he has done for his state before you decide on him! I found some info the other day that stated he has raised fees in his state more than any other state during his term, I don't want that for my president, PLUS HE IS A RELIGIOUS NUTJOB....THINK AGAIN!