Friday, April 13, 2007

What Do You Believe Is America's Single Greatest Challenge?

The most happy and sincere presidential candidate in history! Watch Mitt's YouTube video and post a comment.

Mitt Rocks!

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Denny said...

I saw that video too.

Mitt Romney is like Ronald Reagan in that he is confident, friendly, hopeful, kind, knows how dangerous our adversaries we face are and how to DEFEAT them, and has good looks too.

Mitt Romney inspires me like Ronald Reagan did and makes me feel like a new beginning is about to start for America, just like Ronald Reagan did.

But, Mitt Romney will face many more challenges than Reagan did. Romney has more experience with innovativeness and has a wider and greater vision for America that could have a much longer and broader positive change for America and the world than Reagan could realistically offer us during his years in office.

That is the reason why I think that Mitt Romeny will have a chance to become one America's greatest presidents of all time.

Go Mitt Go!