Monday, April 16, 2007

Romney raises the most from New Hampshire donors

According to first quarter campaign finance records released on Sunday, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney raised more money from New Hampshire residents than any other presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat.

Below is a breakdown of how much each candidate raised from Granite State donors that gave at least $200.

Romney: $130,250
Obama: $51,012
Clinton: $45,800
Edwards: $23,350
McCain: $18,332
Paul: $16,950
Hunter: $16,900
Giuliani: $13,300
Dodd: $12,800
Biden: $7,950
Kucinich: $7,850
Richardson: $7,700
Tancredo: $6,700
Gravel: $3,515
T. Thompson: $2,300
Huckabee: $1,375
Gilmore: $1,000
Brownback: $950

-I thought NH was McCain territory?
-What? Romney raises more than the top 3 democrats COMBINED!
-Boy, good thing NH is packed with Mormons - which of course explains this amazing take ;-)
-I like how the Globe hides this information in the most obscure place it possibly can.


Anonymous said...

Democrats $78,464,256

Hillary Rodham Clinton $26,041,109
Barack Obama $25,665,688
John Edwards $14,021,504
Bill Richardson $6,236,557
Chris Dodd $4,043,757
Joe Biden $2,110,990
Dennis Kucinich $344,651

Republicans $53,076,654

Mitt Romney $20,737,149
Rudy Giuliani $14,731,897
John McCain $12,992,655
Sam Brownback $1,257,171
Tom Tancredo $1,185,536
Ron Paul $638,389
Mike Huckabee $544,157
Duncan Hunter $499,874
Tommy Thompson $315,036
Jim Gilmore $174,790

This paints a much better picture.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's those unsavory, corporate Mormons again.

Branden said...

Yeah. All 17 Mormons in New Hampshire really made the difference for Mitt ;-)