Friday, March 16, 2007

Take the Mormon Challenge

Have you met a Mormon lately?

Mitt Romney's religious criticism germinates from a lack of Mormon understanding. Is the Mormon religion a bit weird? Peculiar? Yes. Does this mean Mitt should not be elected President? No.

Talk show host Hugh Hewitt recently published the book, "A Mormon in the White House? Ten Things Every American Should Know About Mitt Romney." A recent Deseret News article reports a phone conversation with Hewitt (a non-Mormon):

"I am disappointed in how much noise we hear on this" question of whether a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be president, Hewitt told the Deseret Morning News in a telephone interview. As a law professor at California's Chapman University, he said he literally believes the Constitution prohibits any religious test for office holders. Hewitt says he wanted to write the book because he had previously interviewed the late LDS apostle Neal A. Maxwell for a PBS series on religion in America. "I got to know the Mormon faith and history. I found it astonishing how much discrimination had happened, and how much had been tolerated," he said.

The article adds:

"Romney's religion is only one of 10 things that Hewitt writes that people should know about him. Hewitt said much more important to him personally is how highly intelligent Romney seems, and his problem-solving approaches learned in business."

For anyone who doubts Mitt for his religion--take the Mormon Challenge before you vote. Which simply is to actually have a conversation wtih one of your neighbors, colleagues, friends whom you know is Mormon and see if they are as weird as you might think. You may be surprised by how human they really are.

-David M. McEntire


Anonymous said...

I am a Mormon and I think that there is a misconception about MAINSTREAM Mormonism. When I lived in Ohio, many of my colleagues thought of me as a "secular" Mormon. Even though I was very active in the church...they thought I was a normal guy (unlike those mormons in Utah). What I think may suprise America most is that mainstream Mormons are mainstream Americans! I think Mitt will have no problem getting the job!

Denny said...

I, as a Protestant, have no problem with Mitt Romney the American who happens to be a Mormon becoming the next (and he WILL be) president of the United States of America. He is not trying to create a theistic state, nor trying to push Mormonism down anybody's 'throat.'

What faith was Jimmy Carter, who ended up infuriating religious concervatives and screwed the US to a still unknown degree (he was the one who told the palace guards to follow orders given by the radical Islamofascists when they took over the US embassy in Tehran, Iran)?