Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thompson is Bob Dole part II...but not as distiguished

Never fear Mitt-Rockers! Have any of you taken the time to listen to Thompson? I tried my best...but I couldn't get through a speech he recently gave in Virginia. Let's just say that he is dull, as in Dole kinda dull. I wonder if CSPAN has ever broadcast something as boring and uninspired as Fred Thompson in Virginia last week.

He said things like: Virginia is where all of "that freedom stuff happened". Freedom stuff? Would you care to expand on that Senator? Could you expand on that?

The more I listened to him the more I realized that we Mitt supporters have nothing to worry about. Thompson is at his highest point in the polls right now. In Theory, Fred sounds like he could be exciting. In theory, he could deliver some great lines. After all, he is an actor! A conservative actor...a rare find indeed. But Fred doesn't have the stuff on the inside that it will take to defeat Hillary. During the debates Fred will have no one to provide a script and he will crumble. As soon as he enters the race I predict a steady decline for Mr. Thompson.
In Theory, Fred is the conservative southerner that many have been waiting for. In reality, Sen. Thompson in no Ronald Reagan...in fact, he's no Bob Dole!

A Thompson nomination would have the same result as the Dole nomination: a Clinton victory.

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