Friday, June 29, 2007

PETA Don't Know Dogs!

If there is one love universally shared by all dogs, it is the joy of the wind in their faces. I wish I had a video of the Romney station wagon in 1983 with the dog on top. As Mitt has mentioned, the dog loved it up in the kennel - with the wind in his face and a bird's eye view, nothing could be better.

In my mind's eye I can picture the kennel, windshield and all, getting strapped to the luggage rack on the car's roof. I can then see Rufus running excitedly toward his traveling perch. As the car takes off, Rufus pushes toward the side of the kennel and sticks his nose into the wind, wishing the windshield were NOT blocking the most visceral and enjoyable part of the experience.

I suppose the people who are miffed about this have never ridden a motorcycle or in a convertible. As a person with a dog-like affinity for the wind in his face, I say lay off Mitt and his dog. If Rufus could talk he'd be telling these PETA folks that they're idiots, and that they don't know dogs!

Honestly, this has nothing to do with animals. It's all politics. Desperate for something negative to say about the only conservative candidate with a real chance of winning, liberals are digging deep to criticize Romney. Ironically, PETA's hyperventilating about a Mitt presidency is actually strengthening his support among conservative primary voters in the same way a pro-abortion group against Romney increases his clout among pro-lifers. So PETA, Mitt thanks you for your support.

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